Embroidery Progress: Among The Hollyhocks

So it’s been a fair while but I’ve made solid progress on the project I began at the beginning of February. I’ve mostly been doing it sitting cross-legged on the bed whilst the boy works at his desk, but the mood has struck at mine when the light is just right and the colours of my room inspire me.


I couldn’t wait to stitch the hollyhocks. I wanted to do all the boring bits – the leaves and stems – first, but whilst playing The Witcher 3, the pretty hollyhocks in Novigrad made me want to recreate them myself. They’re done in buttonhole stitch, which I’d never before attempted; if you look left to right, you’ll notice I get better at keeping the shape consistent.

2017-03-10 18.03.51

I’m having a lot of fun with the tiny little colonial knots in the pink flower-bush to the bottom-left. I’ll be filling in those long oval shapes just above the yellow daisies with shades of purple to make wisteria. (Did you know, by the way, that the word ‘daisy’ is a shortening of ‘day’s eye’ – for the fact that the flowers close their petals at night and re-open them in the daytime.)

2017-03-10 18.15.21

Oh, and my grandmother made me a little roll-up case to keep my embroidery projects in. Isn’t it lovely? The tube at the end is one of those cylindrical mail packages, and one can open the end and use it as a place to keep sewing supplies.


There’s a fair bit of nuance to sewing – the subtle shift from two to three threads, for example, to the small differences in needle placement that change a stitch to another entirely. I enjoy it immensely, and I’m pretty proud of my progress. I think I’ll frame it eventually… but should I give it away, or keep it for myself?


2 thoughts on “Embroidery Progress: Among The Hollyhocks

  1. What a lovely embroidery! And that tubular case – fantastic! No more ugly creases in your work!! I’ll have to make some for my own projects (I’ve got some UFOs hanging about, admittedly…). Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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