In The Interim: The Forest Path

There’s nothing more healing than a walk through nature. The other week as the sun peeked through the clouds after a fortnight of rain, my boyfriend and I ventured down the twists and turns of the Royal National Park to do a spot of hiking. We chose the Forest Path, an easy 4.4km track extending in a loop from Lady Carrington Drive.

As soon as we stepped out of sight of the road, I was struck by the utter silence that enveloped us. After moving to the city, one never encounters silence. There are always the sounds of cars, of voices, of machines humming away through the night. It’s ceaseless, and staying at my boyfriend’s house down south is my getaway from the city bustle. This bushwalk was the extension of this – it was purely soundless.

It’s a gorgeous walk, taking you through a forest of native flora, with quaint little wooden bridges extending across the creeks running across the trail. Close to the start we went off the main path past a rotted, fallen-down picnic table to the river, where an enormous boulder jutted upwards from the midpoint between the two banks. We climbed up and sat for a while, just taking it in. My greatest wish is to someday live in a cottage by a forest, with a river curving gently through it. I want to do this every day – to meditate, reflect, and heal in the middle of nature.

The only issue towards the end of the bushwalk was the presence of leeches! I found one suckering onto the rubber of my shoe and was able to get it off without it getting near my skin, but the boy wasn’t so lucky, with one of the nasty things attaching itself to his ankle. The end of the walk was then a careful one preoccupied less with the scenery and more with avoiding the nasty parasites, but I’d be happy to do the walk again wearing close-fitting pants!

Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me, but at the same time I was writing this, in a timely bit of good fortune, I did find some pictures as I was cleaning out my laptop from a bushwalk I did along Terry’s Creek back when I was living in Eastwood, so enjoy those instead! I’ll be posting something longer/travel-journal-y related soon 🙂

Terry's Creek (5)Terry's Creek (9)Terry's Creek (15)Terry's Creek (16)



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